Patient Testimonials


Thank you to each of you for making me so comfortable and at ease for my appointment. Cathy and Shelley, you prepared me to relax and know that I would be fine. The "right on" decision making were challenging techniques used by you, Dr. Lee, and you, Tami, were most appreciated. Both of you remained unrattled, given the small spaces in which to work, and it had to be the way back - tooth #18! Amazing! By the way, the cap feels great.

Kristan B.

A joy to see and come to the dentist, competent in her field and top in her field. So kind, so thoughtful! I love Dr. Lee, my dentist, and you will too!

Dr. Lee, you're more than a dentist to me, you're an answer to my prayers! Thank you so much.

Judy M.

Dr. Lee, thanks so much for your generosity, understanding, professionalism and a desire to see the problem through to a delightful ending.

Judy M.

Dr. Lee, again - you rock! There is no price too high to pay for good care and there is no price to put on comfort and reassurance. I sincerely thank you for seeing the "person" inside of the "patient.” One negative about going from a pediatric dentist to your office is that it puts a bit of a scare in my kids. Life is full of transitions but each comes with challenges and Natalie was very comfortable to have you with her. I think it is part "a woman thing" and part just hearing how much I've grown to respect you. Thank you very much for your support of her treatment and for listening to her concerns. Sometimes the regular things we do daily become routine and it's nice to have a reminder that we change lives and are lucky to be able to do so. Have a wonderful week!

Linda Y.

Dear Dr. Lee and Staff,

Thank you all for the Sheetz gift cards. I'll enjoy using them and treasure the memory of your kindness.

Marjorie C.

Dr. Lee,

Thank you seems so inadequate. You are truly a holiday blessing. I could not have gotten through today without you. You were the voice for reason. Just you holding my arm made me feel comfortable and greatly assisted in getting through this procedure. I feel so blessed to have you in my life and taking care of my health. You're simply the best!

My heart to yours,
Joann M.

Dr. Lee, I have a beautiful smile because of you. Thanks!

Your grateful patient,
Judy M.

Dear Dr. Lee,

I want to thank you for the gift of the whitening trays to use to put the finishing touches on the beautiful set of teeth you are helping me to achieve. You and your staff have been a spectacular asset to my family and I appreciate the professional, yet personal, treatment we all get. I am once again pleased with my smile, but more than that, I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Best Regards,
Daun G.

Dear Dr. Lee & "soon to be Sergeant" Reedy,

This is for you and your entire staff... you really make the appointments so very pleasant! I have always enjoyed all of your dental technicians (and of course, Tami). But, you have a real gem with Pamela. Always a pleasant visit with everyone!

Deb H.

Dear Dr. Reddy,

I just wanted you to know how excited and how thankful I am since you put in my mini implants. You can't imagine how that procedure has changed my life! I can smile and laugh again and never have to worry about adhesives or wobbly dentures.

I wish everyone with dentures could understand how easy the procedure was for me - the "patient.” It was painless and it took less than 2 hours, and you were right - I was able to eat almost anything that very evening.

Everyone on your staff was so kind and understanding - they just eased all of my activities and make me feel very comfortable.

So, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU - I can't tell you enough about how happy I am with my "minis".

Kathy S.

PS: If anyone wants to talk to me about it, please feel free to give them my phone number.

Dr. Lee, I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for being the super dentist you are! I thought Dr. Reddy would never be topped... but I have to say that the universe did well when you two chose each other to partner with. I appreciate the care and gentleness you give. The little things like telling me how long and where you are during treatment and the tops was making sure my lips didn't crack. I could enjoy my bold lipstick without a problem. You are truly wonderful! I do not feel the apprehension now when coming for treatments; I just think you are great!

Dr. Lee - making a difference in Dentistry, one patient at a time.

Have a super day!